Discover How Our Comprehensive Helensvale Hearing Test Can Help You

You can visit our audiology clinic near Helensvale for a hearing test without a referral. We use the latest equipment and techniques to provide a comprehensive service which includes a full audiological assessment and treatment plan. Our highly experienced and qualified clinician offers a caring and professional experience in a warm and welcoming environment.

Signs You Should Invest in a Hearing Test Near Helensvale

Consider these signs that indicate you may benefit from undergoing a hearing test.

  • You turn up the volume on your television or radio: If you notice that you continuously have to increase the volume on your devices, you may have a hearing issue. The occasional increase of volume could relate to a broadcasting issue, yet if you require a louder volume on a daily basis, then you should get a hearing check.
  • You struggle to understand speech: Struggling to understand what people say when there is a noisy background is a tell-tale sign of hearing loss. If you notice that you have to ask people to repeat themselves regularly or you have to reposition your body to hear better, you should make an appointment for a comprehensive assessment. Our professionals can determine if you have hearing loss in one or both ears and the extent of your impairment.
  • You feel tired after conversations: While it may not be an obvious sign, exhaustion can indicate hearing loss as many people will strain to hear during a conversation. Without realising it, you may put extra focus on lip reading, straining to get closer, or trying to ignore the background noise, which can all cause fatigue.

Benefits of Hearing Aids for Helensvale Wearers

There are numerous benefits to wearing a hearing aid.

  • You increase your safety: A hearing aid can make you more aware of the hazards around you and, therefore, increase your safety. You can reliably recognise which direction the danger may be coming from, and it can ease your family’s minds knowing that you have adequate hearing when you’re out and about.
  • You can avoid misunderstandings: A hearing aid means that you can prevent misinterpreting a conversation or having to ask people to repeat themselves, which can also lead to a boost in confidence. Whether it’s an appointment time or a meaningful conversation with your family, you know that you will have received the correct information.
  • You can decrease the volume on the television: You can listen to the television or radio at a normal volume which may make for a more pleasant experience for your family. You can also enjoy a conversation without worry about the background noise being too loud.

Why Trust Arundel hearing Centre Regarding an Audiologist in Helensvale?

Our independently owned and operated business provides excellent customer service. Our primary clinician has more than 20 years of experience working in audiology and can provide you with a comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan. Contact us to book your hearing test.