Enjoy speech understanding on par with normal hearing in noisy environments*

Local residents receive hearing care consultations remotely via smartphone or tablet in the wake of COVID-19, social distancing, and its impact on our daily lives, more and more people are seeking alternative ways to look after their health remotely. From live-streaming yoga classes to fitness tips on social media, society is looking for ways to ensure we stay as healthy as possible without leaving our homes unnecessarily. Now local audiology clinic, ARUNDEL HEARING CENTRE, is excited to be able to offer a similar solution for hearing health through Oticon Remote Care. Like most health solutions, hearing health advice is commonly administered through in-person consultations. The importance of hearing health during the COVID-19 outbreak should not be overlooked, however, and this is where ARUNDEL HEARING CENTRE can help. After having an initial hearing test at our clinic ARUNDEL HEARING CENTRE can offer Oticon hearing aid wearers the ability to carry out their follow up and routine maintenance appointments without leaving the comfort of their own home.

The Oticon Remote Care app allows hearing aid wearers to speak to their hearing care professional through video calling and for the hearing care professional to carry out routine adjustments remotely, so wearers don’t have to attend the clinic unnecessarily. ARUNDEL HEARING CENTRE is a local, independent audiology clinic dedicated to making a difference by improving hearing health. Oticon Remote Care allows hearing care professionals to see, hear, talk and text with their clients during a remote appointment. They can adjust hearing aids remotely to help clients get the best out of them and test the new hearing aid settings live in real time and in real-life situations while talking with the wearer. Oticon hearing aid wearers can make use of the Remote Care technology, as long as they have a stable internet connection and a compatible device. To find out which Oticon hearing aids are compatible, and to also learn more about Oticon Remote Care and how best to take care of your hearing health in the current climate, please contact ARUNDEL HEARING CENTRE by simply calling us on 5563 2550.

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